what is the valença method?

  • It focuses on developing the horse’s natural balance, strength, and suppleness.
  • It helps the horse to find its balance and become more athletic, expressive, and confident in their movement.
  • This approach recognizes that a horse’s mental state and maturity is critical to its ability to learn and perform different things. Therefore we should always respect every horse as an individual.
  • It improves the horse’s overall physical health and well-being (here Philip…
  • The lateral work helps to strengthen the horse’s muscles and joints, improve their flexibility and range of motion, and prevent injury.
  • the rider can develop greater feel and sensitivity which helps to communicate more effectively with their horse.
  • Builds a harmonious partnership between horse and rider

The method

The Valença method is a classical horse training method, rooted in generations of equestrian mastery. It emphasizes a harmonious relationship between horse and rider, built on mutual trust and respect, to enhance the horse’s natural balance and movement. This philosophy extends beyond training, focusing on a shared journey of growth that develops the horse’s strength and agility through a series of progressive exercises. With an emphasis on balanced riding and subtle communication, the method respects each horse’s unique qualities and limitations, adaptable to all breeds. It’s a horse-friendly method benefiting both horse and rider.