Master Luís Valença

Work Experience

Master Luis Valença is a revered figure in the equestrian world, known for his dedication to the art of classical dressage. From a young age, he was immersed in the study and practice of traditional riding techniques, which set the foundation for his future endeavors.

In the 1980s, Luis Valença founded the Centro Equestre de Lezíria Grande (CELG) in Portugal, which quickly gained prominence as a premier training facility for classical equitation. His philosophy of teaching emphasizes clear communication, respect, and empathy between horse and rider, principles that have influenced thousands of students and horses worldwide.

Valença’s expertise is not only in riding but also in training horses to perform the high school movements of classical dressage. His skill in preparing and presenting horses in traditional Portuguese riding exhibitions has gathered international acclaim, making the Valença name synonymous with equestrian artistry and performance.

Beyond his skills in the saddle, Luis Valença is also recognized for his ability to impart knowledge with patience and precision. His legacy is carried on through the Valença Equestrian Academy, where the focus is on developing a harmonious language between horses and riders, fostering a partnership that is both willing and joyful.

The biography of Luis Valença is a tapestry of commitment to equestrian excellence, a passion for teaching, and a life devoted to the love and understanding of horses. He has become an emblem of classical dressage, not just in Portugal but around the world, continuing to inspire and shape the future of classical riding through his work and his family’s continued dedication to the sport.