Live Lesson – Online Training via video conference with your horse

Live Lesson – Online Training via video conference with your horse


Video conference training – Learn at home

A brand new Valença Equestrian Academy service that allows you to have a lesson on your horse while receiving instructions from one of our trainers remotely via live video conference.

  • Have you ever had a question about the training of your horse at home but had no one to turn to for help?
  • Are you trying to begin a new exercise but you’re not sure how to start?
  • Do you want to move up the levels with your horse and need guidance along the way?
  • Do you want to learn Piaffe?  In hand work?  Long reins?  Or simple exercises from basic to advanced?

Do you want to have a lesson on your horse at home via video conference with our trainer?

Now, this is possible.

Training via video conference
What is required & how does it work?

  1. Equipment/personnel for video streaming:
  2. Pixio camera equipment –or-
  3. Someone to film + Bluetooth headset with the reach of 100 meters
  4. Schedule your initial introductory meeting (5 min)
  5. Schedule your video training where we will give you a lesson on your horse – live!

You can read more about it under the Online Program page.



Be a registered user on our website
An internet connection;
A phone/Ipad for video streaming a Bluetooth headset & friend to film you or automatic filming equipment, (like Pixio, etc.)


45 minutes.

Spoken Languages

Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish

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